Train Exhibit and Lancaster Antique Train and Toy Collection

The Train Exhibit here at the Children’s Museum of Virginia is designed to look like a train depot platform. Railway tracks guide visitors from the “platform area” toward the main Lancaster exhibit and collection. Emerging from the “tunnel” you discover a huge, multi-tiered train layout. Walls of the exhibit room feature even more of the Lancaster antique train and toy collection.

This truly is a favorite for children of ALL ages.

The train exhibit layout is a representation of the state of Virginia and contains four geographical features that are distinctly Virginia:

  • the City of Portsmouth
  • the City of Roanoke
  • the City of Richmond
  • the Blue Ridge Mountains

Fun facts:

  • Numbers of trains in display cases: 814
  • Number of trains active in the layout:
  • 8 mainlines
  • Square feet of track: approximately 610
  • Number of people in the display: approximately 500
  • Number of animals: approximately 200
  • Number of cars: approximately 160
  • Number of trees: over 750 hand made trees and over 300 store bought trees