STEM Saturday Activities

Jan 18: Math Games: Explore Tangram puzzles, Dominoes, measuring, and a fun way to add and multiply. (Highlight Katherine Johnson, NASA mathematician, during BHS “career fair.”)

Jan 25: Magnatiles: Magna-Tiles® are designed to hold a child’s interest and attention, build critical developmental skills, and promote imaginative play and creativity.

Feb 1: Ozobots: Learn basic steps of coding & programing by using simple robotics.

Feb 8: Weather: Explore types of weather and some science behind weather. Make the sounds of rain and thunder and create the static that forms lightning.

Feb 15: Fingerprinting: Discover your type by “dusting” and collecting your prints.

Feb 22: 3 D Printing pens: The 3Doodler Start is a 3D printing pen that inspires creativity, design, planning, building and spatial understanding. The 3D printed creations are not hot to touch and completely safe to use. This 3D printing pen melts plastic that cools and hardens rapidly, allowing participants to literally draw in the air!

Feb 29: Zoob building kits: Open ended toys to construct, engineer, explore and experiment.

Mar 7: Celebrate the Arts (no STEM Studio)

Mar 14: Rig A Ma Jig: Rigamajig is an open-build activity that has no right or wrong answers. The pieces are intuitive and fun to figure out. Its purpose is to encourage children to be creators, problem solvers, to work cooperatively, and to illustrate their ideas in a practical and concrete way.

Mar 21: KEVA planks: Build structures by simply stacking the planks- from preschoolers to architects, each person builds at his or her own skill level. No glue, no connectors. Every piece is the same length, width and height.

Mar 28: Explore Earth and Space Science Event, sponsored by NISE Net: Discover engaging, hands-on Earth and space science experiences with connections to science, technology, and society. Courtesy of NISE Net and NASA.

Apr 4: Nano Day: Staff and students from Norfolk State University lead cutting-edge science experiments and demonstrations based on this tiny science.