Second Floor

Explore, Imagine, And Discover In Our Hands-On Playscapes

MY BACKYARD AND BEYOND: Investigate a variety of topics through the familiar entry point of your own backyard.”My House” is an interactive environment introducing visitors to recycling and energy consumption. Explore topics such as biology, ecology, archaeology, geology, and astronomy in the “backyard”. area.

CreARTivity: Discover a series of engaging spaces, each with a different themes and functions. Enter into an area full of hands-on experiences organized around particular art forms, such as drawing, painting, sculpture, and architecture. There’s also a Performance Space that allows for dance, music and small-scale performances. This area includes the Make It & Take It workshops and two classrooms dedicated to serving groups.

DR. FORCES TRAVELING ENERGY EXTRAVAGANZA: Come explore the themes of energy and physical sciences through the lens of a carnival sideshow. Watch colorful electrical currents move and twist, learn about air pressure as you release a rocket, and test your strength by seeing if you can lift a giant elephant.