#1 Cool Place to Take Small Kids in Virginia

Little Angels are sometimes timid until they get their feet wet, and the Children’s Museum of Virginia is #1 of the 12 suggestions for doing just that.
Virginia.org website

Could have stayed all day!

We went here on Tuesday and could have stayed all day. It’s full of super fun things for kids of all ages and VERY clean. We will be asking for a membership for Christmas for sure!
Jennie S. 

Loved this place!

So fun. My kiddos loved watching the movies in the planetarium.
April F, San Diego, CA

“WHY had we never visited before?!”

We made our very first trip the the Children’s Museum on Saturday and I just have to ask myself “WHY had we never visited before?!” this was was SOOOO fun! The staff ROCKED (and I MUST say–they have some serious patience lol). We are getting a membership and can’t wait to go back and explore! THANK YOU for this awesome place!
Sherrie B., Newport News, Virginia

“2 floors of complete awesomeness!”

We met some friends a few weeks ago the newly reopened Children’s Museum of Virginia and we were in love instantly! This place is HUGE!… 2 floors of complete awesomeness! If you are local to the area or happen to be visiting anytime soon I HIGHLY suggest stopping by for a visit!
Amanda, Virginia 

“5 Stars!”

Love it!!! Beautiful museum. We were blown away with the new renovations. Getting a membership the next time we stop by. So worth it! ????
Jackie L., Virginia Beach, Virginia

“Good to get out of the house and let the kids play”

The museum has recently been completely redone. The kids had a blast. I’ve never been there – enjoyed watching my children learn and explore. I really enjoyed the area for tots to play apart from the older kids exhibits. This is a great place to go when you need to get the kids out of the house and its too darn hot to go play outside!
MJ T., Suffolk, Virginia

Great Interactive Museum

We visit from New Mexico every year and always stop in at the Children’s Museum. Extremely interactive, it always holds my kids attention for a few fun-filled hours. Now with the Sport Museum across the street, downtown Portsmouth is becoming a “can’t miss” when we visit. Walk down for a ferry ride across the river, and your day is complete.
Adam I., New Mexico

“Children’s Museum is fun!”

Located across the street from the Sports Hall of Fame in downtown Portsmouth. It was fantastic! Tons of toys on display and areas for kids to play and pretend real life things such as a dentist office, bank, grocery store, fire engine, police motorcycle and city bus. There are other great things but one of my favorites was the bubble room where you can make a bubble around yourself. It is great fun for kids and their parents or for parents who just want to relax and let their kids play and use their imagination.
Betty B., Newport News, Virginia

“They even mentioned they enjoyed the water fountain…”

We had the best day today, my in-laws were in town and we decided to finally get up there and visit- and knew we needed a membership as soon as we walked in the door! We covered every inch of the museum, but still didn’t want to leave, my daughter wanted a promise that we could come back tomorrow! =) I wish I had made our way to you guys sooner!”

“My son (3) loved being “stuck” inside a human-sized bubble, and driving a bus, my daughter (5) loved lifting a “3 billion pound” elephant, and pulling her OWN SEAT UP on a rope!!! and being a dentist, and a vet, and a firefighter… and the library, and the grocery store, and fishing- and the art – well, catch my drift? LOLOL! We will be back often! They even mentioned they enjoyed the water fountain, that’s when you KNOW they are hooked!”
Rebekah H., Norfolk, Virginia

“Looking forward to our next visit”

Each year my family spends Memorial Day Weekend in Williamsburg, and my wife and I are really glad we made the drive to Portsmouth for our son and daughter to enjoy your wonderful new museum. We’re from Pennsylvania but already looking forward to returning next year!
Tim B., Pine Grove, Pennsylvania 

“Congratulations on the beautiful transformation.”

We visited the museum for the first time today since it reopened after the remodeling. We were thrilled with the new bigger and better museum. We have enjoyed the museum in the past and will now continue to enjoy it for many years to come. Congratulations on the beautiful transformation.
Gary O., Norfolk, Virginia

“A great way to spend a super hot day.”

Thanks for a great way to spend a super hot day. My boys had so much fun!!
Amber B., Hayes, Virginia 

“Best Children’s Museum we’ve visited, and we’ve been to several.”

Patricia P., Alabama

“Makes me proud to be a Portsmouth Virginia Girl”

Had so much fun at the Children’s Museum this afternoon! Oh my goodness! It’s absolutely adorable and educational! Makes me so proud to be a Portsmouth Virginia girl and a member of the Portsmouth Service League!
Andrea M., Portsmouth, Virginia

“My son didn’t want to leave”

“We had a wonderful time! The museum is even better than before! My son didn’t want to leave ???? I could not get him away from the toddler area!! We’ll be visiting again soon. Thank you!”
Anna M., Chesapeake, Virginia

“Nursing Mom Friendly”

Children’s Museum of Virginia has a great new nursing room and also plenty of benches throughout for nursing moms and babies to use!
Macaroni Kid Virginia Beach 

“Took the Ferry to Portsmouth”

Zoie had a great time on Saturday over there!!! Even the ferry ride over on the PORTSMOUTH SIDE OF TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JoAnn B., Virginia Beach 

“Love the Trains”

“Your train exhibit is just awesome! My 15-month-old did NOT want to leave that room, he loved it so much!”
Christina L., Hampton, Virginia

“I could spend all day in the train room. I am extremely envious of the collection – it is wonderful!”
Travis F., Virginia Beach, Virginia 

My son LOVED the trains!!!!!!!!! Had an awesome time!!!
Jessica L., Portsmouth, Virginia

“Thanks for helping me keep up with studying”

I am a full time student, and with a lot of studying to do. Daddy bought our 2yr old us a membership, and I take him a couple of times a week. He runs around, explores, and gets his energy out. When we get home after visiting the museum, he takes a 3 hr. nap, and I get to catch up on my studying. Everyone is happy. ????
Mariella A.

Lots of fun!

We visited the Children’s Museum for the first time today. I could not have been more surprised or impressed! The Museum was clean, spacious, interesting, and endlessly entertaining. My five-year-old son literally jumped with joy the whole way through it. Some children’s museums seem to cater to the preschool set but this one really had plenty for older children. The science and energy areas upstairs were especially interesting for older kids.
Jakes’ Mom, Williamsburg, Virginia

“Affordable. Awesome.”

The remodel is awesome…. You did a beautiful job and kept the pricing affordable! Had a blast today!
Laura W., Virginia Beach, Virginia

“Glad we got a membership”

Visited the museum this morning with my one-year-old and some friends. I am so thankful for our membership, because I can see us spending a lot of time there!!!!
Stephanie H., Virginia Beach, Virginia 

“7 Hour Visit”

Our first visit, my two daughters and I were there for SEVEN HOURS!!! Our membership will be WELL used!!! FABULOUS facility!!!
Michellee J., Norfolk, Virginia 

“Can’t wait to come back”

Thank you for an amazing day! We just joined as new members, and can’t wait to come back!
Crystal B., Norfolk, Virginia

“A Great Place for the 5 Year Old”

My five year old niece had an awesome time here. There were plenty of exhibits to keep her interest. Everything was in good shape and good working order. The whole museum was clean and appeared well maintained. I suspect that I’ll be taking her and her siblings back many times in the future.
Mike B., Norfolk, Virginia

“$1.00 off if you have AAA”

We had such a great day there today. Children under 2 are free. There was a lot of fun stuff for kids a bit older which makes sense. $11 admission/ 18 +, $10/ 2-17 with a $1.00 off if you have AAA. It was great fun! The hugest train setup I have ever seen.
Patty C, South Carolina 

“The all-new Children’s Museum of Virginia… your kids’ playroom just got a lot bigger!”
Alison, Chesapeake