Black History Now 2021

George Grant Art Activity:
Golf Ball Painting

Ages 5+years, adult assistance required

Dr. George F. GrantThe next time you reach into your pocket or the zippered lining of your golf bag for a wooden tee, think of Dr. George F. Grant, an African American dentist from Boston. He was born in Oswego, New York in 1847. Grant developed a love for golf but was unhappy with the mess that came with the tee shot. The process of teeing the ball up involved pinching moist sand to fashion a tee. On Dec. 12, 1899, Dr. Grant received a U.S. patent No. 638,920, the world’s first patent for a golf tee – a wooden spike with a flexible rubber peg for the ball.

golf invetionWhat You Need:

  • Shallow box or bin
  • Paint (any kind you like, and better to water it down)
  • Paper (any kind but card stock or construction paper might work best)
  • Spoons
  • Golf Balls

What to Do:

1. Place paper in a shallow box or bin.
2. Drop spoonfuls of paint on the paper (recommend to water the paint down a bit so the balls do not get stuck in the paint).

golf paintingGolf ball painting

3. Place one or two golf balls in the paint and then shake to the left, shake to the right!
4. Repurpose or dispose of the golf balls after painting. Add a frame to your finished pieces. Use strips of construction paper to line the outside of the painting, draw a frame, or make one out of craft sticks. Share your artwork with us at