Spot the Difference

Check out this challenge! Look carefully study the images and find some differences. How many do you see?

Train 1
Train 2
Train 3
Train 4
Train 5
Train 5
Happy Paws 1
Happy Paws 2
Flag Wall 1
Flag Wall 2


Train Layout A
House is moved, Library sign is upside down, woman and baby carriage missing, traffic light is flipped, hedge added on left, purple tree on the right turned green

Train Layout B
Crockin sign is upside down, fire truck is facing a different direction, billboard is flipped, traffic light is flipped, banner is changed to purple

Mail box flag is moved, bottom step is missing, house # missing, tree bark is different, pieces of porch rail turned blue, hedges added in front

Happy Paws
Train sign is flipped, fire hydrant is moved, dog above crates is removed, S removed from “paws,” cone added to chimney

Flag Wall
Earth is rotated, face shield is a different color, 3 black stars added, crater is moved