Holiday Ornament

Age 3+ years with adult assistance

It’s a festive time of year with lights and decorations, food and frolicking.  Here are a few printable activities to keep you busy creating and in good spirits.  Write messages of merriment on the ornaments and mittens and pass along to others or hang them up where you are.  Share your photos with us—send them to

Helpful hint: cardstock makes for better creations but regular printing paper will work as well.   Be sure to print one-sided copies. The designs include multi-colors however printing in black ink only will allow for individual coloration and decoration.  Grown ups—please assist younger children in cutting out all pieces for the activity and allow cutting on scrap paper for practice. This is good for increasing muscle strength in their hands.


 These “already-colored” ornaments are a picture-perfect way to add your own design or message to the back and gift to someone else.

Ornaments - color

These ornaments print a black outline that’s perfect for coloring in on your own. Write a message or draw on both sides.