Photography Policy

Non-flash photography is permitted for personal use, except where noted.  Flash photography, video equipment, and tripods are not permitted by visitors.  Photography must not be disruptive to other visitors or block exhibits and hallways.

At times, photographers and staff may be at work documenting museum activities.  Your presence implies your consent to the Museum to use your likeness in educational and promotional use.

Members of the press are permitted to photograph exhibitions with prior permission from the Marketing Coordinator, Lynette James, (, 757-393-8983).  The press member must identify themselves by showing identification and signing in at the front desk.  Press must wear their press badge.  Press members are allowed during opening receptions and special events.  Flashes are allowed for general exhibit photos by the press.

Formal portraits and commissioned photography require a photography permit from the Department of Museums.  Please observe the following guidelines:

  • $50.00 Photography Permit fee.  These permits are good for two hours and must be reserved through the Marketing Coordinator (, 757-393-8983).
  • Upon arrival, photographers must first check in and pay the fee at the front desk.
  • Photography sessions are limited to the hours of 10:00 am-4:00 pm.
  • Permits are allow for limited use of public spaces only.
  • Stabilization devices, lighting equipment, wardrobe changes, props, and make-up stations are prohibited.
  • Photography must not be disruptive to other visitors or block access to exhibits.
  • Groups may include up to six people.
  • Photographers and their subjects are responsible for the repair and/or replacement of property damaged by their activities.