360 Tour of Dr. Forces

Our 360 degree tour is designed to let you virtually visit our exhibit as well as offering lessons, simulations, videos, stories and STEM activities to bring learning alive. Feel free to tour at your own pace. There is a lot of content available, so take your time ex-ploring the exhibit. You can experience this tour on your computer, notebook, tablet, or smart phone. Another option is to access it using VR googles and your phone. You can get them from various sources.

Here is a list of suppliers:

Dr. Forces Traveling Energy Extravaganza consists of four main rooms. Embedded in the main 360 image you will find a series of icons. Clicking the icons will either tell you about the exhibit, provide you will lessons and content, or allow you to navigate through the virtual environment. You can navigate through the rooms by clicking on the red arrows. Each arrow takes you to another room in 360. Below the red arrow you will find a red and white bull’s eye. The icon gives you information about the navigation. When you enter a room and look around you will see a series of icons or tags that when selected provide you with the content.


Fluid Dynamic Room

Bernoulli Blower – experiment with moving air currents

  • Videos – How to use things around the house to demonstrate this principle. It’s a Blast – the exhibit uses compressed air a rocket fuel. Guests launch their own air powered rockets.
  • Video of exhibit in action – It’s a Blast
  • NASA – Build your Own Stomp (air powered) Rocket Activity Flow Tunnel – this exhibit studies the way fluids pass over different shaped objects.
  • Video/Design Activity – make a similar test using modeling clay and a tank of water.

Catch a Wave Room

Standing Waves – This exhibit lets guests “see” sound travel in a type of wave. By changing the pitch of the sound, the resulting waves in the tube change shape.

  • Activity – use household items to create a means of seeing sound. Giant Tuning Fork – sound is generated through vibration of each tyne by being struck with a mallet.
  • Video – Experiments you can do if you have a tuning fork.
  • Read Aloud – Sound All Around read to visitors.
  • Activities – Sound related activities to explain how vibration causes sound.

Plinko – rotate the Plinko wheel. Listen to the sounds produced when the ball strikes each nail.

  • Activity – follow the directions to make your own Plinko Wall. Customize it to help choose rewards or chores.

Unseen Forces Room

Plasma Sphere – Guests touch this electrically charged ball to see the flow of electrons.

  • Video – learn about the physics at work inside a plasma ball.

Dancing Magnets – guest select their song and magnetic fields generated in the machine move magnetic filings and dance.

  • Activity – follow the link to make your own ferromagnetic fluid.
  • Video – learn about ferromagnetic fluids in a short video

Magnet Feats of Strength – try to separate our two powerful magnets. Is there a catch?

  • Video – Edited Bill Nye explanation of the ins and outs of magnets.
  • Activity – Move test materials in front of a magnet to see if it is magnetic or not magnetic. This is a virtual activity.

Fortune Teller – Spin the handle to make the display light up. Mechanical energy is converted to electrical energy.

  • Activity – follow the direction and take a pair of magnets, some wire, a nail, some cardboard and a small light bulb and complete an electric generator.

Marvelous Machine Room

Fantastic Motion Machine – Follow the course of the balls as they flow through this exhibit; the ultimate collection of all six types of simple machines.

  • Videos – of each of the simple machines is explained in short videos.
  • Activity – follow the directions and build your own machine using household material forming a marble run.

Newton’s Cradle – swing the ball to strike the others, watch the effect as energy is conserved.

  • Video – view this video to see how energy moves through the balls and energy is conserved.

Light as an Elephant – How can you lift the weight of a huge elephant? This ex-hibit tackles that topic.

  • Activity – Levers Lessons. This is a full lesson on three classes of levers and included information on how to build a lever and use it to gain mechanical ad-vantage.

Pulling Your Own Weight – Guest sit in chairs attached to a support through some kind of pulley system. They can decide with pulley arrangement makes the work easier.

  • Video – Pulleys and how they work to make our lives easier is the topic in this short PBS video.

Wacky Racers – Guests race their cars down parallel tracks. What effect does the slope have on the speed of the racer?

  • Wacky Racer Lab Activity – Learn about the concept of potential and kinetic energy through the use of simulation software. Design your own track and test it with your virtual partner.

We hope you enjoy your virtual visit to Dr. Forces Traveling Energy Extrava-ganza. You can stop by as many times as you wish. Also you may follow the navigation arrows to visit other Children’s Museum of Virginia exhibits in the near future. We are putting them online as the content is developed. Check our latest 360 exploration: My Backyard and Beyond. Check back soon to see our latest 360 experience –CreARTivity which focuses on the arts.