Make Your Own Dyed Pasta

Turning pasta into a variety of colors is fun and simple, but a bit stinky! When dried, the noodles can be used in art projects, sensory bins, or for counting and sorting. Store them in airtight containers to keep for another day.


-Various dry pasta
-food coloring
-white vinegar (apple cider vinegar works in a pinch)
-small bowl (one for each color of your choosing)
-spoon (slotted spoon is helpful)
-paper towels
-place to dry the pasta when finished


Step 1: Add a few drops of food coloring to the bowl.
Step 2: Pour about ½ cup of vinegar into the bowl and stir to mix the coloring.
Step 3: Add the pasta and stir until covered. Vinegar can be added if needed. Allow to soak for 2-3 minutes.
Step 4: Spread paper towels out in chosen drying space. Use slotted spoon to remove pasta from the bowl and spread across paper towels. Drying time will vary.
Weights may be needed to hold the paper towels down.

Smaller pasta dried quicker than larger pasta, which needed to be flipped to continue drying.

Blue and green coloring created the same greenish pasta even though the liquid was very different in color. The pasta did not absorb the purple coloring very well and looks greyish in the end. Blue added to the apple cider vinegar creates green pasta.

Choose a larger pasta noodle (like rigatoni) for toddlers to thread onto string or yarn. Use a piece of straw, slightly larger than the noodle, taped to a string to make it easier to add the pasta on the string.