Celebrate Earth Day with a “Color Walk!”

Gather those that are at home with you, grab a notebook and pencil and don your walking shoes. Decide on a color that you’ll notice as you walk through the neighborhood and note everything you see of that color on your walk. While you’re walking, you might observe some spots that need help with trash pick up or other beautification efforts. Discuss how your family can help Earth by doing a small part.

When you return from your walk, talk about the number and types of things you observed in the neighborhood. Older children can create a graph to display results while younger children can draw pictures. Try to use the color you decided to look for in your work. Make your family’s plan for helping Mother Earth and display for all to see so you can remind each other.

Try your walk again choosing a different color to observe and a new walking route!

This activity involves predicting, observing, graphing/drawing, and discussion of results and future actions.