Education Programs

Pre-School Programs Ages 3-5

Life Cycles in Nature – Act out the life of a tree. Dance like a honeybee. Learn about the life cycles of all kinds of organisms—from plants to animals to creepy crawlies.

Magnets for Beginners – Join a magnetic scavenger hunt. Try a little magnetic push and pull. Discover what attracts to magnets, what doesn’t and why.

Early Elementary Programs Grades K-2

What’s a Magnet? – This introduction to magnets has students investigating the forces of magnetism like attract and repel, magnetic and nonmagnetic surfaces, and push and pull. Students will discover some of the useful applications magnets have in our everyday lives.

On a Roll – Spinning wheels, rolling balls, and vibrating tuning forks explain the energy behind motion. Discover how to use this energy to make sound or even to keep balanced on your bike.

What’s the Matter? – Solids, liquids, and gases oh my! This hands-on program will have students explore the properties of different forms of matter. Students will also experiment with how something as basic as water can change and affect different types of matter.

More than Magnets – So you think you know what a magnet looks like. Students will rediscover the forces of magnets using household materials like screws and batteries. Students will also learn about rare earth magnets, lodestones, and electromagnets.

Upper Elementary Programs Grades 3-5

Catch the Current – Static electricity and current electricity is experimented with in this charged program. Students become electrons and move through series and parallel circuits and understand what types of forces move electricity.

Sounding Out – Sound is energy and students will investigate what we need to make sound and how to make “noise.” The sound program focuses on waves, frequency, music and resonation.

Beazley Planetarium Programs

The Beazley Planetarium offers a variety of educational programs covering subjects such as volcanoes, dinosaurs, Earth history, mythology, space travel and technology.