Special Planet Sightings Happening This Week!

We know you are all spending a lot more time at home these days. Sometimes we may be a bit guilty of sleeping in. However you may wish to become an Early Bird because the sky is offering a special reward this week. For those that venture out around 5:30 AM this week (EDT) you can see a wonderful sight. Facing South, and the rising sun in the Eastern Sky, you will see stretched out like a string of pearls, 4 of the 5 visible planets of our solar system. Mercury, the closet planet to the Sun is low in the Eastern Horizon hiding in the glow. You can find the others stretched in an arc from Mercury towards the Southeastern Horizon. The three bright lights clustered in the twilight sky are the red planet Mars, the ringed giant Saturn (sandwiched between), and the might Jupiter. You need no telescope to view this amazing sight. You can follow the planets in the morning sky for the next few weeks. The interaction of planets will be joined by an incredible vista on the morning of April 15. Our beautiful moon wants to get in on the action and will provide a stunning show for those that wish to rise to the occasion.