Group Visit Information

Self-Guided Exploration:

  • A Self-Guided Exploration visit is reserved for 90 minutes to allow visitors to explore the exhibits at their own pace.
  • $7 per student

Call 757-393-5258 or email us with questions about the self guided exploration visit and/or a focused education program. You may also send a request via our Online Group Tour Inquiry Form.

On the first floor, discover some of the Children’s Museum all-time favorites. Stroll along the city streetscape with a grocery store, fire truck, pet park, and city bus. Go bonkers for bubbles. Move cargo crates. Board the tugboat. And track the model trains all over the state.

The second floor showcases three distinct exhibit areas. In “My Backyard and Beyond” explore the inhabitants of your backyard, the wonders of water and weather, and the star-studded sky. “Dr. Forces Traveling Energy Extravaganza” brings you back to the days of a 3-ringed circus to discover forces, energy, and motion in all new ways. “CreArtivity” brings visual and performing arts to life by giving visitors an opportunity to create art while interacting with the exhibits.

Focused Group Programs:

  • Programs are led by Museum Educators and are aligned with the Virginia State Standards of Learning (SOLs). Pre- and post-visit packets are provided to teachers participating in these focused programs.
  • Adding a Focused Group Program to a Self-Guided Exploration visit extends your visit to 2-hours.
  • Children take an active role in these fun, energetic, educational programs. The programs provide students with opportunities to experiment, explore, and learn through the wonderful world of hands-on learning! Focused Group Programs are fun and appropriate for home school groups as well
  • Focused or Planetarium Programs: $8 per student
  • Focused and Planetarium Combo: $9 per student

Focused Group Programs can be adapted to meet your group’s needs. Call 757-393-5258 to talk to a Museum Educator.

Preschool Ages 3 to 6

  • Preschool Focused Group Programs last approximately 20-25 minutes.
  • With every eight children one chaperone is admitted free.