Beazley Planetarium

Be transported (to distant) worlds in our immersive theater with digital full-dome projection. Explore the wonders of the universe. Find inspiration in our starry skies.

Tuesday – Friday

1:00 Season of Light

2:00 Magic Treehouse Space Mission

3:00 Season of Light Friday Evening (Dec. 7, 14, 21, 28)

5:00 Let it Snow


11:00 Season of Light

12:00 Magic Treehouse Space Mission

2:00 Season of Light

3:00 Magic Treehouse Space Mission

Saturday Evening (Dec. 8, 15, 22, 29)

5:00 Let it Snow


12:00 Season of Light

3:00 Magic Treehouse Space Mission

Show Details:

Let it Snow!

The Beazley Planetarium will be rocking to the sounds of the season! Let is Snow features classic tunes by Frank Sinatra, Chuck Berry, Burl Ives, Trans Siberian Orchestra and other sets on a full-dome adventure at the North Pole. Make sure to check out this holiday video greeting card.


Season of Light

Our traditional holiday show deals with customs and celebrations of the winter season around the world and through time. The show explains Christmas trees, the origin of the Menorah, Santa Claus, and the Star of Bethlehem. It’s soul-satisfying and heart-warming.

Learn about the timing of the seasonal holidays, the accomplishments of early civilizations in the development of the traditions of the season, and why we celebrate by giving light to this time of year. Come enjoy the darkest—and the brightest!—part of the year!

Magic Tree House - Space Mission

Magic Tree House Space Mission

Travel with the brother-sister duo, Jack and Annie, in their Magic Tree House as they discover a note that asks them to answer a series of six questions about space. With the help of the astronomer, the Internet, an astronaut, books and the writer of the mysterious note, Jack and Annie are taken on a wondrous journey of adventure and learning.

This exciting voyage will carry visitors to the planets and far out into the Universe where Jack and Annie nearly get… Well, we don’t want to give it away. The adventure is just beginning!

What's Up?


Hello, I am Dan Borick, Beazley Planetarium Manager, welcome to What’s Up?, the Beazley Planetarium’s official blog. Here you will find the latest news from the worlds of astronomy, science, nature and technology as well as tips on viewing and appreciating the wonders of the sky above.  I hope you will come back often.