Zoom Through the Solar System, and Beyond in the Beazley Planetarium

Be transformed (to distant) worlds in our immersive theater with digital full-dome projection. Explore the wonders of the universe. Find inspiration in our starry skies.

Show Times:

Tuesday – Friday Show Times:

1:00 pm – Zula Patrol – Down to Earth

2:00 pm – Oasis in Space

3:00 pm – Zula Patrol – Down to Earth

Saturday Show Times:

11:00 am – Zula Patrol – Down to Earth

12:00 pm – Oasis in Space

2:00 pm – Zula Patrol – Down to Earth

3:00 pm – Oasis in Space

Sunday Show Times

12:00 pm – Zula Patrol – Down to Earth

3:00 pm – Oasis in Space


Beazley Planetarium Shows:

Beazley Planetarium: Zula Patrol

Zula Patrol – Down to Earth

This is a job for the Zula Patrol!”

Come along on a cosmic journey as Bula, Zeeter, Multo, Wizzy and Wig with the help of their pet Gorga investigate a strange case of planetary pollution.  Our fearless Zula Patrol travels through time and space to capture the elusive offender.  The Zula Patrol leaps from the popular PBS children’s series onto the Beazley Planetarium dome daily.

Oasis in Space

Oasis in Space

Travel through our universe, galaxy and solar system in search for that most important ingredient supporting life – water. This wonderful voyage transports you to the wonders of our solar system: flying to our planets, their moons and to asteroids. Oasis in Space is a delight for viewers of all ages.

Running Time:  25 minutes