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Be transported (to distant) worlds in our immersive theater with digital full-dome projection. Explore the wonders of the universe. Find inspiration in our starry skies.

Show Details:

Tuesday – Friday

Zula Patrol – Down to Earth 1:00 pm

Supervolcanoes – 2:00 pm

Zula Patrol – Down to Earth 3:00 pm


Zula Patrol – Down to Earth 11:00 am

Supervolcanoes – 12:00 pm

Zula Patrol – Down to Earth 2:00 pm

Supervolcanoes – 3:00 pm


Zula Patrol – Down to Earth 12:00 pm

Supervolcanoes – 3:00 pm

Beazley Planetarium: Zula Patrol

Zula Patrol – Down to Earth

In their latest full-dome adventure, The Zula Patrol takes a rollicking ride into Earth’s past to save our planet from almost certain disaster! While on a routine fossil-hunting mission, The Zula Patrol uncovers an unusual pile of trash — of suspiciously modern origin — buried in the rock strata of an ancient canyon.

Special Showings Daily through May 12

Thomas and Friends – Bubbling Boilers

It’s a big day on the Island of Sodor! Thomas has been charged with delivering a cargo of party supplies for a Sir Topham Hat’s big event. An unexpected accident at Brendam Docks leads to a wild adventure. What happens next? You will have to see! It’s all aboard for this classic Thomas and Friend adventure in our dome. Shows daily


This stunning full-dome feature, narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch, gives guests the experience of getting a close-up encounter with a massive volcanic eruption, of course in a safe manner. You won’t even need first aid cream. Earth’s past has had many super large volcanic eruptions like the incredible Toba eruption on the island of Sumatra. Travel through time and space to come face to face with the behemoth eruption on Earth, travel to Neptune’s moon Triton to witness giant icy volcanoes and even visit Yellowstone National Park.

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